Golden Car is an italian company leader in Europe for design and production of aluminium molded parts for automotive branch. Born in 1949 from an idea of Mr. Alessandro Festa, Golden Car distinct itself as producer of bodies and components made in high quality aluminium alloy, working with the most prestigious automotive internationals brands by giving shapes to cars which have marked the history of the design.


How to explain the tenacity of achieving your goals?
How to explain seeing and understanding before anyone else?
How to explain consistency in your ideals when everything is against you?
How to explain the importance of not being a copy man of others?
How to know how to get up when life inflicts you the hardest trials?

You have to be a man with a great passion and a great courage, all that has been and left us Alessandro Festa.

Patrizia and Daniela.



Golden Car represents a unique reference partner able to deliver quality solutions also for small productions; we guarantee maximum efficiency in the development and implementation of the project, strong in continuous cooperation with the major OEMs in the international automotive industry for consulting on all aspects of molding, even the most sophisticated.


We left
the mark

  • 1949

    Alessandro Festa founded Golden Car company turning its handicraft workshop in an industrial-sized enterprise skilled for cars body parts and complete assy for the most renowned italian brands

  • 1970

    The productions of complete body (lower chassis, sides, motor and trunk hoods) for De Tomaso, Lamborghini and Maserati starts.

  • 1990

    The collaboration with Lamborghini and Maserati for the production of bodies and sides expecially for Diablo car produced totally in aluminium alloy continue.

  • 2000

    The collaboration with Ferrari and Maserati is strengthened with aluminum chassis supplies.
    With the aim of diversifying the production, starting the supply of sides and tractor platforms for Landini and Goldoni

  • 2006

    Starting a special series production of nineteen cars for Zagato; new aluminium supplies are awared, aluminum tank for Ducati in the motorcycle industry and Roof Hard Top (RHT) panels of supercars for Webasto.

  • 2010

    After several years of development, the production of the F30 (ULM) aircraft was started, designed by one of the
    the most famous Italian designer Stelio Frati, completely designed and engineered by Golden Car.

  • 2013

    Golden Car starts co-operation with Blue Car for the development of electric cars, providing prototypes, pre-series, complete parts and body in white.

  • 2014

    Golden Car begins to work with Webasto Germany on the development and marketing of aluminium Roof
    Hard Top (RHT) for Audi and Lamborghini and Jeep Chrysler Renegade's sunroof.

  • 2017

    The collaboration with Ferrari is reinforced with the production of the new California aluminium Roof Hard Top (RHT).


45.000 square meters of occupied surface, of which 25.000 covered

  • Engineering department for mould & die and jigs
  • Mould construction and assembly jigs department
  • Moulding department
  • 2D/3D Laser cutting department
  • Assembly department
  • Robotic assembly department
  • Prototype department
  • Metrology room with CMM 3D
  • Painting cabin and cooking oven
  • Wharehouse

66 highly skilled employees

  • 10 in industrialization and engineering
  • 46 in production
  • 10 in administration and logistic

Organization chart